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Medellín experienced unprecedented violence in the 80s, all this thanks to drug trafficking that driven by Pablo Escobar and the Medellín cartel, made young people prefer easy money regardless of the consequences. But over time the city of Medellín became a place where it was easier to live and quieter.

In our days the city of eternal spring is a place that everyone wants to know and enjoy, for this reason tourism has grown in a giant way and tourists feel at home for the human warmth of the Paisas.

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Let yourself be impressed by the city of Medellín and its people.

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Tata Lobera

“Excellent service. They are very friendly and have a super big energy. My family and I loved the tour. They know a lot about the history of Comuna 13, so we were able to learn a lot. The best. Super recommended. 😊🏆🏆🏆»

Fabiola Nunez

“Excellent, super good attention of our Guide Andrés, full recommended, thank you for all your attention. 💥💥”

Claudia Pardo

“Excellent tour. The spectacular guide and the unique experience. Recommended 100% and at a very good price.”


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Live a great experience in the beautiful city of Medellín. You will learn why Medellín won the award for the most innovative city in the world and why it is the flagship city of social transformation in Colombia. 

The tourist attractions you will find are innumerable, you can know: The town of Guatapé and El Peñol, the escalators in the Graffitour Comuna 13, the administrative center the Alpujarra, the old railway station, the Metro and Metrocable, St. Peter’s Cemetery , Arví Park, The Rafael Uribe Uribe Palace of Culture in the City tour Medellin, and many, many more places.

Today Medellín shows the world its beautiful culture, gastronomy and wonderful places, for this reason it is one of the most visited cities by tourists from all over the world. Its people, food, history and culture will surprise you with
the Medellín Tours

Do not miss the opportunity to walk around Medellín and make the best Medellín tours with the tour operator PAISA TOURS.

Tourist Attractions of Medellín

  • Botero Square.
  • Museum of Antioquia.
  • Pueblito Paisa.
  • Explore Park.
  • Botanical garden.
  • Arví Park.
  • Meter.
  • Metro Cable.
  • A coffee farm.
  • A silletera farm.
  • The Commune 13.
  • Guatapé and El Peñol.
  • El Castillo Museum.
  • Inflection Park.
  • Museum of Memory.
  • Barefoot Park.

The most interesting facts about the city of Medellín

  1. Medellín is Colombia’s second largest city after Bogotá, with a population of nearly 3.8 million people.
  2. It was founded in 1616 and is known as the city of eternal spring due to its mild and pleasant climate throughout the year.
  3. Medellín is the capital of the Antioquia region, one of the most developed and prosperous in the country.
  4. The city is known for its textile and fashion industry, as well as its flower and coffee production.
  5. Medellín is home to the famous artist Fernando Botero, whose sculptures and paintings can be seen all over the world.
  6. The city is known for its mass transit system, the
    Medellín Metro
    , which is one of the most modern and efficient in Latin America.
  7. The Medellín Flower Fair is one of the highlights of Colombia’s tourism calendar and attracts thousands of visitors every year.
  8. Medellín is home to the Atlético Nacional soccer team, which has won numerous national and international titles over the years.
  9. The city is also known for its vibrant music and nightlife scene, with bars, clubs, and music festivals attracting tourists and locals alike.
  10. Medellín has undergone a major transformation in recent decades, going from being one of the most dangerous cities in the world to one of the most modern, safe and attractive in Latin America.

Our Tours In Medellín Colombia (Tourism In Medellín)

Enjoy one of the most beautiful villages in Colombia, and know its colors, history, Piedra del Peñol, and much more.

The Graffitour Comuna 13 is a place that suffered a lot from the war, but it got ahead through art and culture, and today it is the most touristic place in Medellín

Get to know and enjoy the beautiful city of eternal spring with this tour that will fill all expectations.

Learn about the history of Medellín in the 70s and 80s, where drug trafficking brought suffering and fear to the inhabitants of this beautiful city.

Live an extreme experience on the outskirts of the city of Medellín riding an ATV.

Enjoy the coffee culture with the best muleteers in Antioquia. Take the taste of the best coffee in the world.

Why Book Tours with Our Agency?

Today we want to present the reasons why you choose us as your option to know and enjoy the best places in this wonderful city.

  1. First of all, we have a team of professional guides and bilingual, passionate about their work, and who know every corner of the city, allowing you to enjoy an authentic and local experience. In addition, our tours are completely personalized, adapting to your tastes and needs, so you can live a Unique and memorable experience. Although we also have group tours.
  2. Our agency stands out for offering a wide variety of tours, with options for all tastes and ages, from historical, gastronomic, cultural tours, to nature tours, adventure, and much more. We make sure that your expectations are met, offering you a quality experience and satisfaction.
  3. Thirdly, we are an agency committed to sustainable and responsible tourism, so our goal is to promote respect for local culture, as well as for the environment, through the preservation and conservation of the natural and cultural spaces we visit.
  4. And last but not least, our agency provides a safe and reliable experience. We have a fleet of modern and safe vehicles, and our routes and destinations are carefully chosen, guaranteeing your complete safety and well-being.

In conclusion, if you are looking to know and explore the best places in Medellín, with the help of professionals, with a wide variety of options and a sustainable and safe experience, do not hesitate to choose our tour agency. We are waiting for you to live an unforgettable experience in Medellín!

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